New op-ed: “Legislature Should Fund, Not Micromanage UC”

A new opinion piece from Yes to Higher Ed co-chairs Dick Ackerman and Mel Levine ran in Fox & Hounds on May 24, 2016.  Here’s an excerpt:

The University of California is the Golden State’s ultimate success story, but there is always room for improvement. Certainly, there is broad consensus around the goals of admitting more California students and for increasing diversity. These goals, however, are not going to be advanced by legislative micro-managing and more shortfalls in State financial support for UC and the California State University system.

The latest example of misguided meddling is an out of the blue proposal for a six-year plan to increase UC enrollment of California residents by 30,000, while reducing the number of out of state students by 10,000 and further reducing the State funding per student. The devil is in the details or, in some cases, the lack of details.

Read the complete article, “Legislature Should Fund, Not Micromanage UC,” on the Fox & Hounds website.