Letter to the Editor: Approving Prop. 13 will revive the American Dream

On February 26, 2020, San Joaquin Delta College’s The Collegian published a letter to the editor from Colm Fitzgerald, a second year political science student at Delta College and a member of the California Community College Board of Governors, titled, “Approving Prop. 13 will revive the American Dream.” Here’s an excerpt:

The American dream, a promise of a better life achieved through hard work and grit, has become obscured. And yet, the California Community College system ranks among the best examples of that dream alive and well. It represents a place where the top 100% of people are accepted, all with different paths – but with the same hope that spurs us all to better lives for ourselves and family. Investing in this system, and more broadly in all forms of education, will help to preserve that holy American promise.

In March of 2020, California voters will decide whether or not to do so. Proposition 13 authorizes a $15 billion bond to reinvest in our systems of education. The California Community Colleges would receive a necessary $2 billion to address, among many other issues, the aforementioned infrastructure problems. The UC and CSU systems would also receive $2 billion each to address similar problems.  The remaining $9 billion will be invested into K-12 institutions across the state.

The letter concludes:

A yes vote on Proposition 13 boils down to this: our systems of education will receive the resources to finally renew California’s worldwide hegemony in public education. As a result, pursuing a better life through our systems of education will remain an honest promise. A promise that will illuminate paths for millions of Californians, present and future, to a better life.

But again, the wellness of that promise depends on your advocacy and support on March 3. Grab your ballots, go to the polls, and vote YES on Prop. 13. Join me and millions of Californians in the fight to restore the promise of the American Dream.

Read the complete letter on The Collegian website.

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