Letter to the editor: Vote yes on Prop 13 and make Sac State safer

On February 25, 2020, Sacramento State’s The State Hornet published a letter to the editor from Noah Marty, a Sacramento State political science major and vice president of university affairs for Sac State’s Associated Students, Inc., titled, “Vote yes on Prop 13 and make Sac State safer.” Here’s an excerpt:

This would allow our buildings to keep pace with the technology that is needed to properly train the future workers that our universities produce for the state. It has been shown time and time again that the investments made in our higher education system have some of the best long-term returns of any money that the state can spend, and Proposition 13 gives voters a chance to show that they support properly funding our higher education system.

The bond measure also includes strong taxpayer accountability measures that strictly limit administrative costs and mandate independent performance audits of any project it funds. Public hearings will be conducted to ensure public input, and campuses that receive the funds will be required to develop five-year plans to create more affordable student housing.

As a member of student government for three years now, I’ve been through two full cycles of the budgeting process and am entering into my third. I’ve been at the forefront of each effort to secure as much funding as possible, and I know how difficult it is to even reach the baseline level of funding that we need to simply maintain the status quo.

California voters now have an opportunity to give our system, and every other public education institution in this great state, a lifeline to support student safety and the modernization of our campuses.

Read the complete letter on The State Hornet website.

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