Op-Ed: Highlanders must support California Proposition 13 on March 3rd for critical seismic infrastructure investment at UC Riverside

On February 25, 2020, UC Riverside’s The Highlander published an op-ed from Vincent Rasso, a third year Political Science and Public Policy undergraduate at UC Riverside, director for government relations at the Associated Students of UCR, and a system-wide representative for the UC Student Association.  Titled “Highlanders must support California Proposition 13 on March 3rd for critical seismic infrastructure investment at UC Riverside,” here’s an excerpt:

For the future of higher education in California, I affirm strong support for the bipartisan California Coalition for Public Higher Education: teachers, doctors, nurses, firefighters and many more who are supporting a school improvement bond on the March 3rd California Primary ballot: Prop. 13. This massively important measure will provide $15 billion in critically needed funding aimed at protecting students, from pre-kindergarten through college, by supporting infrastructure on our campuses that ensures our health and safety in school.

The bond measure, officially titled the California Public Preschool, Kindergarten-12 and College Health and Safety Bond, might host the same ballot-designated number as the 1978 tax measure that largely defunded public schools in communities across the state, but this measure stands to reflect the complete opposite – the strongest school bond in California’s history. Campuses at the UC, CSU, and community colleges stand to gain $6 billion in facilities reinvestment, with an additional $9 billion that will fund critical health and safety improvements for California’s pre-K-12 schools.

For Highlanders who are casting their votes on March 3rd, voting YES ON PROP 13 is a critical step that we must take by highlighting the concerns we face on our campuses regarding deferred maintenance and student safety. It is more important than ever for our voices to reflect the needs of California’s students and families, from kindergarten programs to University education.

Read the complete op-ed on The Highlander website.

Paid for by Yes on Proposition 13 – California Coalition for Public Higher Education.  Committee major funding from: Southern California Partnership for Jobs (nonprofit 501(c)(6)), UC Berkeley Foundation, and UC Santa Barbara Foundation.