Op-Ed: Vote Yes on Prop 13 For Safer Schools

On February 9, 2020, the UCSF Synapse published an op-ed by Benjamin Adam Catching, vice president of External Affairs- Graduate Representative for the Graduate Professional Student Association (GPSA), and Sharleen Gill, vice president of External Affairs- Professional Representative for GPSA, titled, “Vote Yes on Prop 13 For Safer Schools.”  Here’s an excerpt:

A safe and modern classroom to learn in is the bare minimum. These changes require a lot of money, highlighting the severity of the problem. Many have endorsed it, including the San Francisco Chronicle.

In addition, Proposition 13 will provide $9 billion to remove mold and asbestos from buildings, ensure clean drinking water sources, and make sure pre-K-12 schools are safe. Who could say that these improvements are not necessary for the children in this state?

Read the complete article on the UCSF Synapse website.

Paid for by Yes on Proposition 13 – California Coalition for Public Higher Education.  Committee major funding from: UC Berkeley Foundation, Southern California Partnership for Jobs (nonprofit 501(c)(6)), and UC Santa Barbara Foundation.