San Francisco Chronicle Editorial Board: Yes on California Prop. 13

On January 26, 2020, the San Francisco Chronicle Editorial Board published an editorial titled, “Yes on California Prop. 13.” Here’s an excerpt:

The only statewide measure on the March 3 primary is a $15 billion bond to build and repair schools, from kindergarten through its public colleges and universities.

Proposition 13, given the size of the bond and the importance of education to California’s future, merits a close look.

The need across the state is widespread, but it is not evenly distributed. Anyone who has visited a variety of campuses, at any level, know there are examples of both impressive facilities and buildings and classrooms that are suffering from years of neglect. Disparities in the quality and safety of learning environments are among the issues that this measure, put on the ballot by the California Legislature, tries to address. It simplifies the application process — a particular concern for smaller districts with less administrative support — with a formula designed to send the greatest resources to those serving the students with the most challenges.

As Tony Wold, an associate superintendent for the West Contra Costa Unified School District, put it, the allocation favors “districts with the most need, not the most lobbyists.”

The editorial concludes:

A well-educated workforce is essential to California’s future economy — and bringing the state’s many substandard school facilities is critical to creating a learning environment. This is a big investment, but it is a wise investment.

We recommend a yes vote on Proposition 13.

Read the complete editorial on the San Francisco Chronicle’s website.

Paid for by Yes on Proposition 13 – California Coalition for Public Higher Education.  Committee major funding from: UC Berkeley Foundation, Southern California Partnership for Jobs (nonprofit 501(c)(6)), and UC Santa Barbara Foundation.