Bipartisan Network Vows to Continue its Work to Support Public Higher Education

LOS ANGELES – (March 11, 2020) – Following is a statement from the California Coalition for Public Higher Education regarding the March 3 election results for Proposition 13, a proposed statewide $15 billion bond to build and repair schools, from kindergarten through California’s public colleges and universities on the March 3 statewide ballot:

“Based on current totals, it appears that Proposition 13 will not meet the requirements of a majority vote. While we are disappointed about the outcome for this measure, we are committed to continuing to support California’s world-class public colleges and universities that provide our educated workforce and spark the industries that drive our state’s economy. We thank our elected leaders, the voters and the many organizations, college foundations, alumni and students who supported this important measure. We look forward to continuing to work with them to strengthen the state’s public higher education system.”

About the California Coalition for Public Higher Education

The California Coalition for Public Higher Education is a bipartisan, statewide network of leaders, organizations and individuals dedicated to advancing California’s future by restoring investment in the University of California, the California State University system and our community colleges.