Commentary: California’s Prop. 13 education bond is a solution for aging campuses

On December 2, 2019, CalMatters published commentary from Dick Ackerman and Mel Levine, co-chairs of the California Coalition for Public Higher Education, titled, “California’s Proposition 13 education bond is a much needed solution for aging campuses.” Here’s an excerpt:

More California high school graduates are academically ready for college than ever before and expanding access to higher education would benefit them and the state’s economy.

To meet student demand and the need for an educated workforce, expansion of facilities and fire and other life safety improvements in buildings at California’s public colleges and universities are urgently needed.

The state must protect its 151-year investment in its public higher education system to fulfill its commitment to educate these students.

Approving Proposition 13, a $15 billion bond measure on the March 3 ballot, would help address the most critically needed seismic repairs and improvements of buildings and other infrastructure at California’s pre-K-12 schools and public universities.

Read the complete op-ed on the CalMatters website.


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