Op-Ed: Vote YES on Prop 13 to Make City College Safer and More Accessible

On February 28, 2020, City College of San Francisco’s The Guardsman published an op-ed from Marjorie Blen, senior fellow at Students Making a Change.  Titled “Vote YES on Prop 13 to Make City College Safer and More Accessible,” here’s an excerpt:

The condition of public education in this state needs to be addressed. Even here at City College, our facilities struggle to keep up with the demands of modern education.

From unusable desks to broken pipes, it’s hard not to see that our campus is buckling under the strain of serving so many students for so many years without large-scale repair.

As we all know, City College of San Francisco is one of the largest community colleges in California, yet it fails to provide adequate buildings for their students. The science building has small classrooms where all students are crammed in there along with poor air circulation and old windows that can’t be opened. Pipes are directly above our heads in the classrooms from the above bathrooms, so we can hear every time someone flushes. The bathroom itself has out of service toilets, missing tiles, and door stalls that do not work properly.

Like all of California’s public colleges—both two-year and four-year—City College of San Francisco is in dire need of funds to renovate aging classrooms, dorms, and facilities.

The op-ed concludes:

As the strongest state-wide school bond measure in California history, Prop. 13 represents a reinvestment in a public higher education system that was once the envy of the world. A yes vote on Prop. 13 is a vote for the future of California.

Read the complete op-ed on The Guardman website.

Paid for by Yes on Proposition 13 – California Coalition for Public Higher Education.  Committee major funding from: Southern California Partnership for Jobs (nonprofit 501(c)(6)), UC Berkeley Foundation, and UC Santa Barbara Foundation.