Sign our petition! A letter from Congressman Mel Levine

Friends: This year, thousands of California students have been advocating to stop UC and CSU tuition hikes and restore funding for public, higher education.

Students have been doing their part. Now it’s time for UC and CSU alumni to step up too.

That’s why I am excited to announce Alumni Rise, a new joint campaign from Rise and the California Coalition for Public Higher Education that I co-chair.

Students and alumni are standing together and we want you to join us by signing our petition here. 

This fight is important to me personally because when I was a student, UC had no tuition and I paid $61.50 per semester to attend Cal. The opportunity to receive a world class, public higher education enabled me to pursue careers as a lawyer and contribute to my state and country first as an Assemblyman in the California legislature and later in Congress in Washington, D.C.

But in the decades since, state lawmakers have cut funding for California’s public colleges and universities, and made that same world class education inaccessible to far too many students.

As a UC alum and former state legislator, I am distraught every time I hear stories of students being turned away from our public colleges and universities. I am heart broken when I hear from the thousands of students who are facing hunger and homelessness while working hard to earn a college degree.

That’s why I am asking you today to join our movement to restore funding for public colleges and universities. 

Let’s build California into a state where all students can afford to pursue their dreams in college the way that we did. 

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Congressman Mel Levine

P.S. You can help us build this movement by sharing our petition with friends who are current students or alumni of the CSU or UC: