Join Alumni in Supporting
Education Bond Measure Proposition 13

Please join us, the proud alumni and friends of the California State University, the University of California and the Community Colleges systems, in supporting the education bond measure, Prop 13, on the March 3 California ballot. It is the strongest statewide school bond measure in California history.

Prop 13 will provide the funds to fix rundown buildings and make them safe for California’s students by placing a priority on fire, earthquake and other life safety issues. The bond measure will provide $6 billion to California’s public higher education system, divided equally among community colleges, the UC and CSU. Another $9 billion will go to pre-K-12 schools with $100 million going to charter and technical schools.

Prop 13 contains robust taxpayer accountability measures by strictly limiting administrative costs and requiring tough independent audits and open public hearings. It has bipartisan support, and the support of a broad-based coalition of teachers, doctors, nurses, firefighters and military veterans.

Please join all of us to make our colleges and universities safe places for our young people to learn by donating and voting yes on Prop 13.

Help us mobilize in support of Proposition 13.




Paid for by Yes on Proposition 13 – California Coalition for Public Higher Education.  Committee major funding from: UC Berkeley Foundation, Southern California Partnership for Jobs (nonprofit 501(c)(6)), and UC Santa Barbara Foundation.