New letter to the editor: “CSUN gets $40M donation, the largest in school history”

On June 20 and 21, 2021, Southern California News Group published this letter to the editor from Dan Chernow, president of the CSU Northridge Alumni Association and executive director of the California Coalition for Public Higher Education – Education Fund in response to their article, “CSUN gets $40M donation, the largest in school history”:

MacKenzie Scott’s incredibly generous donations to 12 CSU campuses and the California Community Colleges speaks to their vital role in preparing all our young people for a changing economy. Producing skilled workers is critical to America’s future and its ability to secure prosperity and broaden economic opportunity for all, including those who are under-represented.

As CSU Northridge Alumni Association president and California Coalition for Public Higher Education education executive director, I wish to express appreciation and thanks for recognizing the role public higher education plays in pursuing social justice.

I also wish to remind our lawmakers that continued financial support is needed for all the state’s public higher education institutions. While the budget the legislature approved this week also helps to close the gap, sustained support is needed to fulfill the promise of success that public higher education holds for people from all walks of life.

Read the letter to the editor on the Daily News website.