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About Us

How We Act

We are the California Coalition for Public Higher Education.

We are a group of dedicated supporters outside of California’s public Higher Education System who are committed to the success of this world-class education system.

Many of us are graduates or products of California public higher education and know the value of this system in creating opportunity, jobs, and social mobility for all Californians.

We use our long-standing relationships, knowledge of budget and education policy, and public outreach to make sure that public higher education in California consistently receives its fair share of resources and attention in Sacramento.

We are public servants, business owners, retired members of the education community, and professionals with degrees from the state’s public higher education our system. We represent the potential of our public higher education system, and the ladder to success it provides.

The Problem

The underfunding of this world-class higher education system limits its ability to serve our state and all Californians. We are committed to reversing that trend and fully funding our three public systems of post-secondary education: the University of California, California State University and California Community Colleges.

We believe that by working together to educate the public and elected leaders, we can go beyond simply restoring this system. We can improve it, expand access, increase its impact on California, and make California’s public higher education system live up to the promise of the founding Master Plan for Higher Education.

Our Board

Universities are society’s economic engines, sure. But perhaps the public universities’ greater value is the values they stand for: that anyone who works hard enough can succeed. Trample on the path to affordable, excellent education, and you trample on hope.
— Rob Eshman, Editor & Chief, Los Angeles Jewish Journal